House Dione

House Dione is one of the most authentic homes of the island built in the local vernacular architecture and it may accommodate up to seven guests. It consists of two separate but interconnecting traditional homes that preserve their old-architecture charm and function as one living unit.

The two older homes consisted of two separate interconnecting living spaces with an adjacent kitchen to serve both. As we remodeled these houses, we have transformed them into one living unit while maintaining the three distinct spaces.


Living Room

The spacious living room of the largest house is an entirely unique, beautiful space with distinct traditional architectural features and it has two sofa beds, each with a twin mattress. The living area of the middle house has one built in sofa bed with a twin mattress.

All furniture is built in with local stone plastered over to create an all-white sculptured, free-flowing interior space. Stripped cotton comforters and soft cozy throw pillows add to the warm and intimate setting.

Dione livingroom row l 50
Dione livingroom row r 50
Dione livingroom row 2l 50
Dione livingroom row 2r 50



Each house has one bedroom with a double bed. The bedroom of the largest house is an authentic cave-like whitewashed space just a few steps above the living area. An unusually shaped skylight brings in the room natural light in the morning and further offers a dramatic accent at night when lit with discreetly placed spotlights.

The bedroom of the middle house is elevated one step and discreetly separated from the adjacent living area by a low built-in cabinet/bench. Stripped cotton comforters and soft cozy throw pillows add to the warm and intimate setting.

Dione bedroom row 100
Dione bedroom row 2l 66
Dione bedroom row 2r 33



The spacious kitchen is fully equipped with refrigerator, microwave oven, stovetop, and a washing machine. It also has a cozy breakfast area.

Dione kitchen row 100



Dione has two bathrooms, each with a stand up shower. The first is connected to the kitchen and the second to the top bedroom.

Dione bathroom row l 50
Dione bathroom row r 50



Dione has a private Jacuzzi adjacent to the house and placed in an existing authentic cave-like space with windows overlooking the caldera to function as an indoor/outdoor Jacuzzi.

The Jacuzzi is part of the private patio and so it is completely separate from the Lithies complex swimming pool and main terrace. The house has no other swimming pool.

Dione jacuzzi 100


Outdoor Patio

House Dione has a totally private patio that overlooks the caldera and the volcano. The view from here is magnificent. The house is a few steps below the Lithies cluster and so the view of the caldera is from a lower perspective but it is fully and equally impressive.

Guests living in House Dione may freely use any one of the two Lithies terraces: the upper by the bar/reception area where they may enjoy a drink with music and breathtaking views of the island, or the lower which is right above the Dione roof terrace where there are a few tables and chairs as well as lounge chairs.

Dione patio row 100

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